4 Ways Nonprofits Can Increase Text Messaging ROI

One of the takeaways from the recently-released “Giving by Generation” special report was that more donors are now giving to nonprofits via text messaging than six years ago. The report also found that donors are now more open to hearing from nonprofits via text messaging.

Here at Tatango, we believe the immediacy of text messaging has helped nonprofits cut through cluttered channels and reach donors at important moments. Text messages have a 99% open rate and 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes of receipt.

As more nonprofits prioritize improving or launching their text messaging program this year, here are four ways nonprofits can drive higher ROI from texting.

1. Send time-sensitive fundraising messages

Like digital channels, fundraising text messages tend to see higher conversion rates when the ask is timely. Include fundraising texts closer to campaign deadlines, whether that’s a Giving Day, late December or another timely campaign to increase ROI. Use multimedia like images or countdown clocks to add urgency to your deadline-focused fundraising texts. 

2. Send Multimedia Texts Instead of SMS

Our brains process images up to 600 times faster than text. When you send multimedia texts – also known as MMS – images and short videos can be included to help constituents quickly understand why their help is needed. These visuals help to create emotion, which is important for driving donations. It’s one of the reasons why Tatango customers see their multimedia texts drive nearly 30% higher ROI than SMS texts.

In addition, multimedia texts can also include animated thermometers, countdown clocks, and GIFs to highlight the urgency of fundraising deadlines and goals.

3. Target Past Donors

Just like your direct mail appeals often target past donors from the past year or two, segment your fundraising texts by past donors to drive higher ROI. For example, your texts might target current and lapsed donors with separate messaging. Or, donors who’ve previously given to certain campaigns. Text messaging platforms like Tatango allow you to segment by the last gift date or last gift amount of your text subscribers to identify those donor segments.

4. Report Back on Impact of Past Donations

Like any channel, if you’re only asking for donations via text messaging, donor conversions and engagement within that channel can fade. Use texting to thank and report back on the impact of recent donations before asking donors to give again. Include stories, alerts the field or updates on how a problem has improved because of recent donations. While these report-back texts won’t raise much, they’ll increase the likelihood you’ll retain and convert donors via future fundraising text messages.

To learn more about how text messaging increases ROI, watch Blackbaud’s recent webinars The Missing Piece in Your Multi-Channel Fundraising Strategy and Stop Ghosting Donors and Start Engaging the Disengaged.