Seven ATLIS Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

Inspired by more than 40 years of collaboration with private school leaders, Blackbaud has created a track of sessions for ATLIS 2024, the Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools’ annual conference. This curated track features members of Blackbaud’s K–12 Executive Advisory Board and our internal experts discussing how technology in schools has evolved, new best practices, and fresh ideas.

Whether you’re interested in learning about responsible AI, cybersecurity, APIs, staff empowerment, or something specific about Blackbaud software, we’ve got a session for you.

Blackbaud’s 2024 ATLIS sessions include:

1. APIs and the Art of the Possible (Panel)

Panelists include Nick Marchese of Emma Willard School, Shandor Simon of Beaver Country Day School, and Stephen Boyle of Blackbaud

The power of APIs lies in their ability to seamlessly connect disparate systems, unlock data silos, and facilitate the exchange of information in real-time. But how do you unlock this power without knowing how to write code? Where do you start? In this panel discussion, you’ll learn how schools are leveraging APIs to extend their software’s capabilities and go beyond what they thought was possible. Our panelists will share the use cases they’ve discovered and how you can get started with this cornerstone of digital transformation.

2. Responsible AI: What It Means for Your School

Presented by Hiram Cuevas of St. Christopher’s School, Linda Lawrence of Ransom Everglades School, and Whitney Donnelly of Blackbaud

We believe educational institutions can go further, faster, as we harness the rapidly expanding potential of artificial intelligence. We also believe it is critical to prioritize a trustworthy approach to AI, grounded in:

  • Fairness, inclusiveness, reliability, and trust: The foundational principles of Blackbaud’s responsible AI framework.
  • Making AI more accessible through ready-made solutions, partnerships, and education
  • Powerful systems of intelligence, enabled through AI and machine learning, to drive real-time insights and continuous improvement

AI presents a tremendous opportunity for schools to address key operational and financial challenges, yet navigating new tech frontiers is a serious responsibility. Join us in this session to learn what responsible AI could mean for your school.

3. Cybersecurity on a Budget: Leveraging Open-Source Software and Trusted Vendors

Presented by Don Rahn, Director of Security Operations, Blackbaud

In the high-stakes world of cybersecurity, defending against threats is non-negotiable. But what if your budget doesn’t match the magnitude of the risks? Fear not! In this session, you’ll learn actionable strategies, cost-effective solutions, and proven best practices that ensure you get the most bang for your buck. From prioritizing connected systems to open-source software and budget-friendly outsourcing, attendees will gain insights into maximizing protection without breaking the bank. Discover the power of practicality in cybersecurity management with this insightful presentation!

4. Fostering a Culture of Empowerment to Enhance Your Team’s Sense of Belonging

Presented by John Yen, Director of Technology, Polytechnic School

How can technology leaders provide avenues for success, growth, and agency among faculty and staff? How do we recruit and retain people, raise the level of engagement, and empower them to be their best? Can we spread this work beyond our departments and be catalysts for vibrant cultures of belonging?

Cultivating belonging in a high-level team and within the broader school community is an essential role of today’s school leaders and can be the secret to recruitment and retention. In this session, we will examine strategies and approaches to leadership including reimagining faculty and staff evaluations, identifying, and leveraging talents and passions, and leading from an inverse pyramid model and mindset.

5. IT-Finance Fusion: Harmonizing Data Flow for Strategic Insights

Presented by Tony Trumbo of The Bishop’s School and Charlie Lytle of Blackbaud

Where does your school’s financial data live and who has access to it? The days of file cabinets crammed with paperwork and cash boxes shoved in desk drawers are long gone—right?

Every manual process is an opening for human error, data loss, or outright theft. Yet humans need information for audits, budgeting, and reconciliation. That’s why getting IT leaders and the Business Office aligned is key to advancing school operations. When your technology is properly integrated and data flows securely between systems, the information is more accurate, reporting is more robust, and you can make better data-driven decisions. Join us to explore how unleashing financial data with the right technology can empower school leaders.

6. Blackbaud’s Partner Ecosystem: Extend Your Software’s Capabilities

Presented by Stephen Boyle and Charlie Lytle of Blackbaud

From student medical records to school lunch, summer camps, and more, our curated list of partners and solutions in the Blackbaud Marketplace is where our customers go to find consultants and applications that drive higher impact for their schools. Join Blackbaud experts to learn how these secure integrations can extend your software’s capabilities.

7. The Inside Story: Blackbaud’s Approach to Customer Success

Presented by Hiram Cuevas of St. Christopher’s School and Kathleen Reardon of Blackbaud

Are you getting the most out of your Blackbaud software and subscriptions? Join Hiram Cuevas—Director of Academic Technology at St. Christopher’s School, Executive Director of Blackbaud’s K–12 Executive Advisory Board, and ATLIS Board Member—and Blackbaud Customer Success Manager Kathleen Reardon to strategize your school’s success, including data health checks, solution overviews, functional demonstrations, success services, and more.

Join us April 7–10, 2024 in Reno, Nevada

Blackbaud is dedicated to fueling impact in schools and we cannot wait to connect with our community at ATLIS 2024. Check out any or all of the sessions above and then meet our team in the exhibit hall at the Blackbaud lounge.

For more information about the conference or to register, CLICK HERE.