Who’s your target audience?

I usually share examples from the event fundraising world.  But, I think it’s important to stretch ourselves and learn from those outside of the events world.

Check out this video, it’s hilarious and effective.  The video a spoof on the Real Men of Genius commercials and asks alumni to make a donation.  As an Elon grad, I could identify with the desire to borrow a Cushman or maybe take a dive into the fountain for old times sake.

Why is this campaign and video so effective?  It’s targeted at a specific group and speaks directly to them.  It uses humor to engage the viewer with a clear call to action.  While, in the events world humor might not be appropriate, the take away from this video is know you’re target audience, caterer your message to your audience and include a clear call to action.

In today’s Events Boot Camp session, we’ll be talking about this very topic.  We’ll be sharing event email marketing strategies to make the most out of every email you send, by knowing your audience and speaking to their interest.

Join us today and be sure to check out all the sessions!  Tomorrow will discuss how the event data from this year’s achievements can lead to next year’s successes and share how you can impact participant behavior by analyzing mid-season metrics.  Friday’s social media session is going to be a fun one.  If you have a facebook page or twitter account and wondering what you can do to engage more with your social network, this is a can’t miss session.