#13NTC Session: Does Social Media Make Cents? An Expert Panel in Social Media Fundraising


That’s the hashtag we’ll be using when I start talking about the impact of social media on fundraising with John Haydon, Farra Trompeter from BigDuck, Carie Lewis from HSUS and Casey Golden from SmallAct at #13NTC.

If you’re at The 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference we’d love for you to join us > http://myntc.zerista.com/event/member/74313

It’s going to be a great time!

During the 1.5 hr session we’ll get into …

  1. How have you seen social media evolve over the past few years? What about in fundraising?
  2. Does social media work as a direct response fundraising channel? Why, why not?
  3. Based on research we’ve done it doesn’t look like many nonprofits are raising significant amounts of money (i.e. >$10k) using social media. Have you seen otherwise? Do you have examples of nonprofits doing exceptionally well using social to raise money?
  4. What about staffing your social media efforts? Based on the research we’ve done roughly 73% allocate 1/2 FTE to managing social networking activities. Is that enough? What have you seen work well?
  5. What about budgeting for your social media efforts? Based on the research roughly 43% of nonprofits budget $0 for their social networking activities. Can you really expect using social media to pay off in fundraising if you don’t invest in it?
  6. Is “dollars raised” the right metric for social fundraising? If not, what is?
  7. How is social data or intelligence making your organization, or those you work with better at fundraising?
  8. How can social augment an existing fundraising campaign?
  9. How can I use social as an acquisition tool for fundraising campaigns? What about retention? Do you have any success stories?
  10. What can nonprofits learn from the business world?