EOY Fundraising Mad Libs

You’ve got 2 weeks until the end of 2011, 1 week before you’re on vacation, and maybe a few hours to address all those miscellaneous tasks fighting for your attention so if you haven’t made your end-of-year fundraising plan before now it’s just too late right? Not if you keep it simple!

End-of-year fundraising is important but you don’t need to over-engineer your message, especially for the final days of the year, if you’re short on staff or time. A simple, compelling and straightforward message can out-perform a message with fancy holiday graphics and will definitely outperform not sending a message at all.

Here is a fun EOY Fundraising Campaign Mad-Lib that you can use to create your campaign in just 15 minutes!

Happy fundraising,


Ken Cantu is a program manager in Convio’s services department.