#GivingTuesday: No Organization too Small

Don’t be fooled into thinking your organization is too small to participate in the success of #GivingTuesday. You may not have all the bells and whistles that some organizations pull out at this time of year, but that’s no reason to let one of the biggest giving days of the year pass your organization by.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity!

According to Steve MacLaughlin’s report on #GivingTuesday, average online gift amounts increased nearly every year for small, medium, and large nonprofit organizations during #GivingTuesday.

We’re calling all small organizations!

It’s easy to get involved and doesn’t require a large investment on your part because most of the marketing is done for you at GivingTuesday.org. They even have fantastic FREE images for you to use!

The end of year is a crazy time for everyone. Start planning now for #GivingTuesday so that you don’t lose site of the goal in the hustle and bustle of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all of the other hype that comes during this time of year.

Take time NOW to prepare these things for your big debut:

1.Create an online donation form

Keep this simple and mobile friendly! 17% of online donations on #GT2014 were on a mobile device. Get creative and include a goal so you customers can see your progress.

2. Create an email campaign with 3 or 4 simple emails

  1. One email the week before to let your donors know you are participating.
  2. A Day of email to remind them to donate now!
  3. A Thank you for participating in our #GT campaign email

In each email, direct them to your new #GT donation form!

3. Use social media to spread the word

Appoint someone (it might have to be you) to draft messaging that you can use for your social media sites on the day. That way you can literally just copy and paste it in without having to think about the right verbiage to use. Remember to also encourage your most loyal supporters to share the excitement about how it’s your first year participating on their own social media platforms!

4. Celebrate being a part of the movement

Get excited for the possibilities! You are now going to be able to take advantage of the double-digit year-over-year growth that we have seen in online donations since #GivingTuesday began in 2012.

Lastly, think about how to cultivate those new relationships after the excitement of the December 1st!

For step by step guidance on how to start preparing for #GivingTuesday today, join us for our upcoming webinar: #GivingTuesday 101!