My Letter from Convio Summer Camp

Dear Event Fundraising Fans,

I hope everyone’s enjoying the summer and looking forward to a fun 4th of July!  I’ve been hard at work here at Camp Convio with a dedicated team of analysts and event experts, drumming up our 2011 Peer-to-Peer Benchmark report.  The paper is still underway, but I wanted to give you a quick glimpse at what’s to come…

  1. We’re updating the event types to include Marathons and Third Party Events this year!
  2. In addition to our general benchmarks, we’ll be highlighting exactly how valuable Team Captains and Returning Participants are to the success of your events.
  3. We’re adding some super-cool visuals to better tell our story – and help you better understand where to focus your fundraising efforts.

Keep your eyes peeled for the 2011 Peer-to-Peer Benchmark Report, and come join our session at Convio Summit 2011 – ELEVATE for discussion!

Have a happy and safe holiday weekend.

Yours truly,