Create a Successful Doctors’ Day Fundraising Strategy


Each year, National Doctors’ Day is observed on March 30th to honor physicians for their dedication and contributions to society and their community. Doctors’ Day can be a great opportunity for hospital foundations and other healthcare organizations to create awareness, raise funds, and deepen relationships by engaging patients, donors, and their communities at large. Join Tracey Bozzelli, managing director for the healthcare vertical in Blackbaud Customer Success, and Paul St. Onge, co-founder of Doing Good Digital, for a discussion on effective digital campaign strategies for fundraising and donor stewardship and get valuable insights from standout campaigns that Paul has worked on with his clients.

Topics discussed:

  • Deciding on a fundraising strategy
  • Focusing on donor stewardship
  • Direct email messaging
  • Using your patient file for donor acquisition
  • Engaging existing patient donors
  • Honoring caregivers as an engagement strategy
  • Last minute digital campaign ideas



“The trick is to really engage that patient file throughout those twelve months and again when we get to one of those tentpole moments like Doctors’ Day.”

“I’d recommend if you have some non-solicitation and communication that’s going out at the start of month start, tease out the fact that Doctors’ Day is coming up, tease out some some nice stories about some of the doctors that are on your staff.”

“When we think of some of the basics when it comes to a successful Doctors’ Day campaign, warming up the audience is part of it.”