Share The Love: Grateful Patients Can Help Your Institution

Today’s healthcare organizations continue to serve a growing population. It’s increasingly important for healthcare fundraisers to produce results by expanding and better targeting your prospects. The good news is that healthcare fundraisers have the potential to increase donations by engaging with the very constituents who walk through their doors everyday…your grateful patients.

Developing a successful grateful patient program will be a significant undertaking for any organization; therefore, it should be regarded with some TLC. To ensure that patients are cultivated appropriately, and effectively, it will be important for your organization to consider a few key factors. The details need not be overwhelming; however, the approach for putting together a program of this type should be methodical and well planned.

With a little planning, some due diligence, and helping hands, you can create your own Grateful Patient Program and help link your loving patients with your caring institution. To find out how to start, read our whitepaper – A Quick-Start Guide to Successful Grateful Patient Fundraising, which will take you through the steps and questions to consider when starting out.

Grateful Patient