The Center of Your Universe

Content. Your message. Your story. Your needs. It’s that information that you are trying to convey to your audience whether it be a specific call to action, news piece, announcement or thank you message. In today’s world there is an abundance of places where you present this content. You have direct mail, your website, social media sites, email and other various offline marketing materials or happenings. So how do you bundle it all up and tie it with a bow, while maintaining a cohesive message and your sanity? Recycle your content.

Sure, your messaging and language will need to be a little different to fit the specific channel where you are sharing this, but don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel for each channel. So many times we can fall into the trap of having one person working on direct mail, another on email, another on social media, and so on. This can lead to duplicated efforts and non-cohesive messaging.

Instead of continuing to work in silos, here is a simple step you can take to improve your multi-channel marketing efforts: set up a meeting. Pulling together your various teams or team members, sit down in one meeting room, and work out a plan to come up with your main marketing pieces across channels. Once you have an idea on what your “big picture” campaigns are, you can work together to pool content. Then, each individual marketing guru can re-work that content for the medium they specialize in.

For example, do you have your graphics already planned out for your next direct mail piece? Want to integrate it with your online? Use the same images and just dust them off a little bit, tailor them for the web and reuse them in your email marketing as well. Take it a step further and use the same tag line too! Integrating your campaigns can be as simple as the couple of steps that it take to simply recycle your content.


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