Will the real Mookie please stand up? Or meow…

A couple weeks ago Emily, shared her thoughts on how to increasing open rates [defunct link removed] (check out her post, she’s has some good ideas).  One ideas was to focus on the subject line. These days you need to make your subject lines stand out in cluttered inboxes.

I love what the Charleston Animal Society did with their latest email.  The subject line was: Mookie wants to know, “Have you voted today”? This is fun for many reasons.  Personally, I love it because my fabulous cat is named Mookie; she actually has a fan club at Blackbaud (Yes, that’s my cat Mookie in her holiday gear).

Now back to Charleston Animal Society, they’re in the running for winning one of Charleston Magazine’s Giving Back Awards.  They’ve made it round two and their hoping to get to round three. Mookie wants want to know, “Have you voted today?”

Why is this fun and effective?  It makes you wonder; it makes you ask yourself who is Mookie and what was I supposed to vote for?  I like this email because the subject line did what it’s supposed to it makes the reader open the email to find what they’re talking about.

What are some of your favorite subject lines?