Do You Know What Your Data is Telling You?

“Big data” can help nonprofits predict future behavior precisely and provide an important competitive edge.

But how do you prevent information overload and derive these insights efficiently?

The key is to make “big data” more manageable. Data must predict things worth predicting; not all of it is useful or actionable. You must narrow the focus to “smart data” that identifies problems worth fixing and opportunities worth pursuing. Analytics helps cut through the noise and surface these meaningful patterns, allowing organizations to make better decisions and achieve greater outcomes. And it creates ripple effects.

To truly realize the fundraising advantages offered by analytics, a culture shift may be necessary. After all, data-driven decisions are made by data-driven people. Nonprofits must be open to evolving the way they do business, to campaigning differently, and to taking the long view. In this guide, we share the best ways for your nonprofit to incorporate “smart data.” By embracing analytics-driven fundraising, you’ll uncover how to allocate your resources for maximum impact. And it’ll show in your bottom line as you better engage supporters, connect with them, and maximize their loyalty.

Our latest eBook, Analytics-Driven Fundraising, will help you better plan, project budget, and set expectations for your board by embracing your data.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Tips to help you start using analytics
  • Information on predictive modeling and how it can identify planned giving prospects
  • Strategies for leading the shift towards a data-driven culture

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